I’m a dependable and passionate engineer with 6 years of experience working on a wide range of projects across multiple industries from Medical to industrial at all stages of the development cycle. Time and time again I have demonstrated my capability of delivering effective and innovative solutions to complex problems. I have had multiple opportunity to manage smaller projects directly liaising with the client while managing small multidisciplinary teams, when not managing I have effectively worked as technical lead on many large team projects. My unique background means I have gained experience in Electronics as well as mechanical and software engineering meaning I can communicate effectively with team members of all disciplines and effectively view projects from a Systems Engineering perspective.
For more details about my engineering background please visit my Linkedin at the social link below,
My personal include,
- Macro / Wildlife Photography (See my work here - https://jrs.photos/)
- Playing / Writing Music (Guitar & synths)
- FDM 3D printing (Hobbyist projects including home automation & props)